Let us say you are building a jigsaw puzzle. A huge one. There are thousands of little pieces. Even bigger number of edges that must fit with each other to finally shape up the puzzle. It feels almost impossible that someone can put it together. The only information that you have is; it will finally become a beautiful picture of you - you and your fiance. All the pieces are sitting there in a big poly pack on your dining table and you are too busy to look at them. Why would someone gift you a puzzle on your engagement. You wonder and curse the soul of your cousin who came up with this idea. You already kinda know your fiance is the last person who will help you put this together. You still talked to him casually but you know he would rather spend time on video games !

Finally, one day , almost a month after your engagement ; when things sobered up in your mind, you got done with all the exciting stuff , and the chores; you took the challenge up - alone. No one there to help you. Your family is bunch of jokers who can't even put a picture in a frame. You can't imagine them coming to your rescue. Only thing you know is "it will become a beautiful picture" and it is going to take many days. Many many iterations. It is a process - It is a Yajna.

First day you spread the pieces on the table. Wondering where to start! Luckily the pieces for your big glasses showed up. It was just a coincidence that the first thing you saw was your eyes. That day you looked for every single piece that can fit together to make your eyes. And the thick glasses on them. You must have turned five hundred blocks to get the eyes together. It was love of labor. You drank two beers to keep you going that evening.

Next day, while brewing your coffee, you were automatically pulled to the dining table. May be I can fit another piece ..Luck favoured , the lips showed up. It is as if someone is helping you inside.


The picture on the jigsaw puzzle is the information you received with the puzzle that was sitting on your dining table. You toiled for ten days to decrypt the knowledge. But you didn't decrypt the picture ! What you decrypted is the skill to put the puzzles together. That is the knowledge you gained out of this Yajna. This knowledge will help you put any other jigsaw together faster than me.

In the process you manifested a beautiful picture of you and your fiance - from a disorderly poly bag to a nicely spread one on the dining table. It looks so good on the table that your mom took a picture and posted it on Facebook. Every guest who shows up at the dining table to eat their meals , marvel at the picture rather than the wine. Lost in their food and wine , they have no clue how it was done. All they know is a picture, that was broken into many pieces can be put together if someone spends time. Exactly the same information that you knew before you started your jigsaw puzzle. Only thing is this form is more way more inspiring than the one you started with . That was a challenge. This is an inspiration. We will see down the line how information mutates ; for now let us focus on the manifestation ..

A yajna is thus the process of making the information more palatable. Information stays the same. Knowledge still remains encrypted in the final manifestation. People can consume the information but it mutates based on their respective motivations.

A manifestation is important because unless you manifest , you wouldn't know if the part of the knowledge that you intended to decrypt is fully done or not. Manifestation is a proof that you decryped some knowledge. Something that you can't commnicate but it does inspire people or throws them a challenge or could even create fear. It all depends on the receiver of the information.

I hope this metaphore helps in differentiating knowledge , manifestation and information. These are fundamental concepts of Yajna. Gita says your goal is to decrypt the knowledge. Manifestaion is just a proof of completion of your Yajna. As for information, manifestation itself is a communication, you don't need to spend any time on it because you have no idea how the information motivates the receiver. A seeker will always find the relevant information - and they already have THE GOOGLE :-)

Why knowledge is cryptic

Encrypted doesn't mean it is hidden. It is right there but it takes much larger effort to understand it. Our senses can not prioritize enough time to understand every single detail. Effectively, if someone wants to learn from your experience , they will need to go through all the ten days worth of effort themselves to understand what you learnt ; even then their learning will be different. Thus it is more useful to consume the manifestation (with our senses) and be inspired from it to do something that you intend to learn.

In other words - you can take the mesh as a template, but you will need to fill up every cell with your own knowledge. For example this book is information. If you read this, it will only create a structure in your mind. You will need to fill in this structure with your own Yajna.

Information Reception.

Let is continue with the "Book" metaphore ...

You don't need to publish the book on Amazon, the moment you wrote the book, that book itself is the communication that you have decrypted "writing" as a skill. In a way its brochure for sensory consumption (manifestation) got registered in the universally distributed block chain. Any seeker conscious agent can check it out. This is the primal registry of all the information. It keeps a record of all the manifestations. As the new and better manifestations come in , the older ones are rendered useless. They are purged or go into cold data store. No one any way wants buy old cameras any more cuz you have GoPro Hero now.

In a way, communication is for one who is truly seeking. Push notifications are pretty much a waste of time - rather distractions. If you look at Google's home page - it is just a blank white page with a single dialog box. It asks you what you are looking for. It does shorten your time to reach where you wanted to be but it is only as good as your quest. Facebook feed takes it to a new level. It tries to predict what you should look at. In a way you outsourced your quest to Facebook. Good or bad ? is upto you. If you think you don't even know what you are looking for , Facebook a good way to waste the only currecy you got - your time.

In essence, spending too much time in making your manifestation "visually appealing" or "easily searchable", is the time taken away from the Yajna - without much benefit. Because the seeker will find your manifestation if it worth. Non seekers will never even look at it no matter how many times it shows up on their feed. Even if they glance or swipe at it , they will receive a mutatated version. They will always see your creation through a colored glass.

Your intent to manifest was to complete your Yajna. If you are lost in getting the clicks then you are anyway attaching the desires that will lead to the "pain - happy" cycles.


Yajna is thus the process of decrypting a piece of [protected] knowledge. Converting it it into a skill and then manifesting something more inspiring than what you consumed.

You get four things out of Yajna.

  • A piece of decrypted knowledge that stays only with you.
  • An artifact for sensory consumption. For your own self or other conscious agents.
  • Peace for you as long as you are consumed in the actions. Even if you didn't want to do it in the beginning , as you indulge in the actions , the peace starts flowing in. You lose sense of time.
  • Help - Your practice pulls you in. As if someone is holding your hand. Giving you the clues. Game has help built into it. As you cross one bridge, your sight automatically clears up for the next. After few rounds, you don't need to look at the manual anymore. You kinda start knowing what is the next thing.

Sakaam Yajna

You can choose to attach a favorable outcome with your manifestation. Means you can make a wish that the book you wrote, will sell a million copies. It has nothing to do with your book. If there are a million seekers, you will feel happy. If there is no taker, you will curse Amazon:-) Means cycles of pain and happiness.

If you want your manifestation (book in this case) to be successful, you will put in more effort in it but you will also carefully withhold something so that it doesn't become a sensory overload. Which means most of your focus shifts to the configuration that is best consumed. Is it a live performance - e.g a book reading or it is an audible ? What is the best price ? What "information" you put on the cover ? . Effectively you are spending more and more time in decorating information than the knowledge that you are unlocking. More effort you spend on improving the consumability , more you are raising your expectations. A million copies , ten million clicks ... Not only you are spending less time on actual content (practice), you are raising your own bar of happiness. Result can be a huge elation or big despair - beyond your control. BTW there is nothing wrong if you are into it to play the game but know that it is a game with random results as soon as the outcome expectations go beyond a certain degree of separation from the work you been doing.

The bigger the expectations, less likely they are to manifest. Effectively what you learn from such Yajnas is what "Not to do" or make you action less. Whereas if you went in with a low or no bar, you will always be in for the actions.

Nishkaam Yajna

If you choose to attach no outcome with your manifestation - you wont even publish it on Amazon. You wrote the book. You gained the knowledge . You got the writing skills. You manifested the book just to confirm the skill and complete your Yajna. That is it. By the act of writing , you already registered the communication that a book exists. You have no further expectations. Means you are at peace.

Most of the chores that we do on daily basis are a type of Nishkaam Yajna. You don't publish you mopped the floors or fed the dogs. We may not want to indulge in them but we know doing them always gives us peace. Service is a Nihkaam Yajna .

Wasted Effort

The sensory inputs that we consume in are good, if they inspire you to get into your own Yajna. If you are just consuming for pleasure or if you are adjusting your actions (not Yajna) , to seek a pleasurable outcome (Jackpot) - Gita calls it "Wasted Effort" - `Vyartha Cheshta". Wasted effort not only wastes your time, it increases the bondage with sensory reality. And thus leads to cycles of pain and happiness. Mostly pains because happiness is normally attached to one specific outcome - wherever possible outcomes are very many more.

Nishkaam Yajna Is the way to peace. We will see how and why down the line .