Curiosity is the fundamental design element of a concious agent. This is the way we "Seek" the manifestations to inspire us to initiate our own `Yajna` - Seeking a specific outcome `Sakaam Yajna` or Seeking exit `Nishkaam Yajna`. If there is no curiosity, there is no conciousness.

Fickle Mind

Curiosity is some times confused with the fickle mind. Gita also says Mana ati Chanchal. Means the Mana - The internal construct to drive curiosity is very fickle in nature. While curiosity is the fundamental design ; fickleness is NOT.

Fickleness arises out the fact that manifestations can be disguising. By design, information can misguide.

Let us break this down with an example - We all use Google and I personally love it. When Google got manifested, the motivation was to "Organize world's information. It came into being with intense efforts of thousands of developers. The thing worked. It was as good as it gets. Along the way, someone saw an opportunity to monetize the fundamental nature of seeking. We search.

Along came a totally new industry - The Data economy. The very first application of the idea was to serve people advertisements based on what they are seeking and charge the advertisers for number of clicks. No one had any problem with it. We all know where it finally led to . Google now can literally make or break a product just by tweaking the search algos. They can alter the elections. They wield immense power in shaping our day to day reality. We can argue that Google is after all a corporation; they need to make money to pay the bills. The point here is NOT to prove Google is evil. The point is simply that our tendency to seek (without doubt) can make us gullible. Just like the fish who simply seek the net . Not doubting ever for a moment that the net is in place to capture them. It is jail to restrict their ability to swim - and to act together in a school ..

Thus the fickleness is an evolutionary after-effect of the "nets". The information being used as "Traps". We dwindle with in "Yes" or "NO". Good for my survival or not. Good for my growth or NO. Stock will go up or Not ? S/he will like me ?


The skill to control the fickleness without sacrificing curiosity is called Manan. Just like any other skill Manan can not be an accident. It needs to developed through a concious practice Yajna .

One who is conquered the fickleness Sanshya ; is the true Seeker. Such a seeker is fearless - just like the fish but unlike them she is NOT gullible. Their search turns into Quest. A well thought through search plan. Like a detective.

No one can gravitate towards Nishkaam Yajna without first removing the fickleness Sanshya . Thus having stable faculty Mana is a prerequisite.

Nishkaam Karm Yoga

At the same time Nishkaam Karyoga can help remove Sanshya .

Another way to look at "fickleness" is to see it's rise as the degree of separation of expected outcome. For example if you are digging your backyard in expectation of finding hidden gold ; your mind dwells at every single dig. What if you were digging just for the heck of digging ?Would you still fluctuate ? In a way "desires" turn our mana into a pendulum. We swing in all directions . Our time goes in speculating what if scenarios instead of being focused on the "action".

Thus Nishkaam Karyoga eliminates Sanshaya from the very root.

[TEST] - This is a great tool to find if you are on the path of Nishkaam . You can easily see your fickleness if there exists one. You will notice that you are most fickle about the things you deeply desire. Taking these ficklenesses Sanshyas to their bed rest is most important aspect of Manan .. Particularly if you want to pursue the path of Nishkaam Karma.


Fickleness can also lead to worries - Chinta. This is a state where Mana is over stimulated such that it renders Chitta - our ability to act through intelligence nonoperational. People who worry a lot, need Manan to calm down their Mana. Let us check out the Chitta in more details in next chapter.


No one can force minimalism on someone else. We become minimalist when we don't want to waste time on unnecessary jargon. Or we want to focus our life a specific skill. In a way it is removing fickleness. The more things we have, the more is the noise.

Manan plays a big role in your path to minimalism. A fickle mind is like a shaking hand holding the knife of intelligence. You keep cutting the wrong aspects of your life. Those things crop back no matter what you do. You need to be beyond doubt to certain degree to be able to give up things for good.

Value Seeker.

We can apply the stable Mana to seek greater value for your actions. More effective Yajna

Back to Gita

Arjuna asks Krishna - Hey Krishna - controlling the desires (and thus senses) is very difficult. How can one achieve such ?

Krishna responds with a smile; he says - Senses can easily be controlled by Mana

Arjuna further asks with bigger improbability - How can you you control Mana? It is fickle by nature!

Krishna says - you can control mana with Buddhi - intelligence.

Let us check out intelligence ..