Chapter 4.0

Intelligence and knowledge are at dance with each other. Yajna is iterative process to weave the mesh such that the knowledge is caught into it and is forced to manifest. Each iteration of Karma in Yajna is a progressive refinement of the mesh , of the structure to enable the capture. The manifestation happens instantaneously as soon as the mesh is just right. The bitcoin just shows up. There is a tipping point - as soon as the intelligence and action reaches that point , the things manifest rather quickly .. almost instantaneously. But remember , for each bitcoin reward, there are thousands of miners running millions of computers and each computer running hundreds of parallel threads to speculate the "nonce" ; yet only one gets to crack the hash.

The Interplay

It doesn't mean that knowledge and intelligence are not working in unsuccessful trials. They are always at play , no matter manifestation happens or not. It is unfortunate that in our outcomes driven world, we seem to attach success only with the manifestations, that too with those that appear similar or close to expected outcomes. It is because a manifestation is easy comparison with an expected outcome. Both being easily perceptible to senses. We tend to forget that our "expected outcomes" are as fickle as the fickle mind itself. Thus it is futile to chase the outcomes or be overtly sensitive to manifestations. Manifestations are just a signal to close your current ritual and move on to the next. The knowledge and peace is held in the "Actions". And that is what Gita ascribes us chase.

Prakriti and Purusha

This play of intelligence and knowledge is referred to as play of Prakriti and Purusha.

Prakriti being the intelligence that creates the structure like a mother and Purusha being the knowledge that enables manifestation in the structure. Keep in mind, the manifestation is the final copy. If someone takes that final copy , they are only taking the information. The knowledge is locked in the commits running up to the final version.

Information is only useful to others if they want to do something with it - say inspire themselves to initiate a new Yajna.

The cycle of Manifestations

Let us say you want to write a book. After "ritual of thinking" you zeroed on Yajna as a book that will blow everyone's mind :-). As soon as you start the writing process, you realize typing at a good speed is of paramount importance. That leads to choosing a right editor - In my case it is Vim, you might want a more "feature full" editing tool since your book is going to be the New York Times best seller of all times. So you need to invest effort in deciding your writing environment. Editor alone is not sufficient, you also need a web server to check how your book looks like on the web - on a traditional laptop and of course the smart(er) devices. And finally, you need to decide if you are Mac guy or Windows player ? Or you can live in a bare bone Linux environment. Obviously you prefer Mac for you have no time to spend on figuring out the entire tool chain , even then , there are many skills to be built before you actually start cracking the book.

Now imagine someone wants to turn your best seller into a full blown motion picture. Her requirements of skills are even more ..

The point I am driving to is , we all work in an ecosystem ; It is almost impossible to finesse just one skill. No matter how granular you go, there is always a bunch of things happening together.

In essence, manifestation is never a single cell of the mesh. The manifestation spreads over many cells. Millions of them. This also means that it is hard to get an entry. Every time you want to do something, there is more to be done first. By the time you meet the prerequisites , the motivation for the original goal is gone. You start looking for something new.

As you get to the door, you are asked to meet certain prerequisites and by the time you go figure the pre-work; the door itself vanishes. Does it sound like a maze ?

A maze is a jail in which inmates don't even know they are incarcerated. This is the cycle of manifestation. We get caught in the mesh - like the fish , like the spider caught in its own web.

The fundamental question.

It may sound obvious, yet let us take a moment to understand what is a jail ! A fish , by nature, swims in the free flowing river .. okay , it can swim in a pond too :-) The point is , it has freedom to go wherever it wants to go. Once it is caught in the net, she loses the freedom of free motion. There is no exit. The fundamental question is - Do we have an exit ?

This was the basic question I asked in the chapter 1.2 ; Isn't this life a maze. Does the game ever stop? Do I have a choice to exit the game without death ? That is assuming there is no thing like reincarnation. Let us reason as to what did the fish lose ? Did it lose it's motion ? Or did she lose her ability to Act ? Isn't jail is something that takes away your freedom of action ? It renders you "Action less" .

If jail is something that took away my freedom to act ; then bringing the actions back in (in a focused gradual manner) must be the exit ! Sounds reasonable ?

Five bugs

Gita says the exit is in Karm Yoga - The focused action with an unwavering mind , with all the intelligence that you have - Yajna. I know one fish can't break the net ; but if all of them , the thousands caught in a net, act together - can they crack the net ? Can birds fly away with the trap ? Can cattle scare away a lion ? May be yes - but then aren't we alone ? Or are we thousands of fish caught together in a net. We will get to it in the nature of consciousness. For now, let us quickly look around the net we are caught in.

Gita makes it simple - It says there are five fundamental bugs - that are essential for us to survive in the open waters but also they are the trap.. They are the ones that turn this beautiful "INTERPLAY" of knowledge and intelligence into a maze holding our minds in sabotage thereby devoiding our ability to act ..

Desires - Kama

Desires guide our senses to involve in the manifestations. Get inspired to start our own manifestation. So far so good. But every desire is a double edged sword because it comes with a notion of favorable outcome. If the outcome is what we desired - then we are happy; else we are sad. As the expected outcomes distance themselves from the actions (degree of separation) ; the probability of expected outcomes reduces to random results. Means you have no control on the outcomes.

Krishna said -

Karmanye Vaadhikarste ; Ma Faleshu Kadachana|

It means you only own the actions , the fruits of your actions (outcomes) are never in your control . Thus focus on outcomes is good as long as they inspire us to act. Why ? Because we reasoned above that freedom of actions is essentially breaking the jail .

If we are hell bent on the expectations , we are already caught in the trap. By relinquishing the "Desires" - Gita wants us to nip the evil in the bud. What if we didn't ?

Anger - Krodha

If we caught in expected outcomes , if things don't happen the way we wanted - the reaction is "anger". You know pain leads to anger. Why me ? I did every thing right - why it happened to me ( or why what I wanted didn't happen). You worked hard but you didn't get to the school of your choice and the other girl got in because her mom had a connection. Not fair , system is rigged. Every time I buy a stock it goes down. I am a loser. I can't lose weight. I don't look good. I .......

If you ever heard yourself saying above such remarkable things - anger is already brewing in. BTW , I get angry if I don't get my morning coffee :-) .

Gita says - Anger kills your intelligence. This means you lost the essential tools to initiate your Yajna. Focused actions is lost on you. Means you are in jail till your anger subsides. What if you are angry all the time ? Do you think you have the ability for righteous actions ?

Greed - Lobha

Other side of the story is not good either. If things happened the way you wanted - there is a trap here too :-) . Now you want to cumulate more of such things. Yup you invested in Tesla and it rose 10x . Now you want more of Tesla. You are also searching for other scrips that will 10x like Tesla. Your eyes are now dug into your number - your net worth. All you care is the number .. This is not about money alone ; it is there with clothes that make you look good. With gadgets , with apps , with things you do or you don't do , how you roll , how you move ... Greed is in built into the happiness. Addictions take it to a new level - we want to feel the dopamine . More of the same happy feeling .. More recognition , more wealth , more success ..more of everything till we bloat ourselves to death .

While things are necessary for survival, you know every time you add a new smart(er) device; you need to take time to maintain it. Even if it "just works" , it constantly commands your attention. And the killer thing is - it also gives you pleasure. Time is the only currency you have . The more you cumulate the nickles and the dimes , more real money (time) you are losing. The time that you could spend in your ritual of actions - to set you free from the jail

Delusion - Moha

Let us say, you know how to manage the anger and greed. You have played the game enough times to know that pains and happiness are transitory. You still believe in the outcomes and you are strong enough to act within all the mess going around. You are spending a lot of time in your outcomes driven actions - Sakaam Yajna. And you are getting good at it. That app you were building is looking nice. The half marathon is coming along well and you are losing weight. The business you are building. The children you are raring ; - with all your efforts and dedication - you are working harder than ever . Seems like anger and greed is a thing of past . The path looks easy henceforth . Is it ?

There is one more bug to sway you from your path - You start taking pride in your manifestation . You look at it and draw pleasure (not peace) out of the work you are doing. The things you are making. You think they are the best .

Quite the opposite of this - you are too scared. You don't think your work is worth a penny. You are afraid that people will laugh at you. You think am I right in spending so much time on this worthless piece of work I am doing .

In either case - Moha sways your intelligence. It wields such tacit power that it can make you turn away from the door.

Matrix - Maya

Finally we are on the final bug and no , we are not talking about the movie Matrix. Machines will rise later :-) let us first fix our little Yajna.

In colloquial Hindi , Maya means money but it stands for the "System" - the system built by us humans. Our system is designed to expand collaboration to ensure survival and physical well being. We achieve this through specialization and monetization of skills. Essentially each one of us is a tiny part - a brick in the wall. In a way we are trying to avert the "survival of the fittest" through a systemic change wherein entire human race acts as a giant singular machine. There are many good things - we have roads, water , sanitation , education, health care and democracies - but the system does carry with in all the bugs - the greed , the anger and most of all jealousy - a race to do better in terms of information we possess. More clothes , more cars and more of everything. Not only that, having lived our entire life with the help of and with in this system , we have lost the capacity to be an independent individual.

Let us say, you also nailed the delusions. You see your work as the others see it. You see the truth. Neither too elated nor too shy. Your Yajna is one of many. Most people do such things all the time. Your Prajna is stable. You are what Gita calls Sthit Prajna. Trust me you have walked long. You have covered most of the distance. In such a case, your actions are already tending towards Nishkam Yajna. What if your ritual is stalled by the system ?

It happens all the time. You were building a great culture at your organization and suddenly you were fired. Financial crisis happens. Pandemics happen. These things are totally beyond our control. Even if you hedge against the eventual collapse or kinks in the system , accidents , calamities are part and parcel of our existence. What you do when you seem to have no control on your fate , your routine? You lost your Nishkaam Yajna. What a waste. You are resigned to fate. Nothing works.

As we talked above; the acts we do are always part of a larger ecosystem. There are trillions of things going at the same time. One such thing can derail your plans. Should we call it fate ? Or we call it Maya - the matrix. Nothing is beyond Maya !

So is there really an exit that your could control ? Gita says - yes there is one ..

Nishkaam Yajna is one ritual that you are doing. Very focused. Very careful - not letting desires to creep in. Maintaining equanimity between anger and delusions. Yes it can be derailed by Matrix . But what if everything you do is a Nishkaam Yajna. Means your entire lifestyle is action oriented. It doesn't matter if you lost the job because you can still walk the dogs with same focus on your actions. You lost a loved one but you can still love everyone around without expecting anything in return. - This state of mind is Karm Yoga. And this is a sure way to beat the Maya. Matrix can't dwindle a Nishkaam Karm Yogi.

Controlling the Matrix

If you think about it , Matrix is the final test but it also is a teacher. It is the one that moves you from the one who hosts Nishkaam Yajna to a Nishkaam lifestyle. Now Matrix itself is your training gear. It is your gym. It is your instructor. It throws you challenges and you win some , you lose others. Every time you have a new piece of knowledge decrypted. Krishna says that there is no way to seek exit by running away from the Maya. You got to live with in it and learn to play with it ..

Thus Karm Yoga is about changing the approach to life. Always observant of your righteous actions. Always focused on actions rather than outcomes. Always on top of your fickle mind. Always sharp intelligence. Always eager to act. Always detached from sensory pleasures. Always in peace. Thus Karm Yoga is a blessing of bliss. The Maya acts on command of a Karm Yogi. It is as if the boat has taken control of the sea , the waves and the winds. It shows up when you sing. It comes out in every move you make. It is the state worth striving for. It is a desire worth having. And as we said earlier, as we get stable in Karm Yoga, even that last desire vanishes. The illusion of jail is broken. You are the master of the maze. All the doors are open at once .. Exit or not - is your choice !

Mood Profiles

Till we become a Karmyogi the "Matrix" ; holds us tight . With in that , based on our motivations, state of Mana and Chitta , actions or lack thereof , we are in a dynamic ocean. It becomes hard to know our own state ..

Krishna to rescue again - we can test our state with some simple mood profiles. Krishna says - there are primarily three mood profiles. Conscious agents continuously swing from one to another. Not only that, these profiles , when mixed like colors , can create a multitude of shades.

Let us quickly check out the profiles. Ascertaining our profile is a tool in our hands to beat the "Matrix"