As we noted in the last section, everything is dynamic in the "Matrix". It is hard to get an entry into the `Yajna` . Even if you somehow secure a path inside , it is all the more difficult to stay steadfast and not start chasing something else. Knowledge of your mood profile `Guna` ; can help you ascertain if you are susceptible to the "Matrix". ## Sattva

Sattva is a state when knowledge flows into your Yajna. You are eager to perform Nishkaam Karma. A state of pious calmness prevails. Your intelligence is stable, so is your curiosity. Your actions quickly decrypt the knowledge and thus the manifestation inspires others. For example - you enjoy creative pursuits and voluntary services. You breed goodwill. You feel you are one with the universe and you can get the things done with relative ease.


This the profile of a fighter. Your Mana wants to swing, but you hold it down with force. So is your intelligence. The actions are not natural but you nevertheless do them because you know you must practice. The manifestation is hard and is ridden with bugs . You are worried of the consequences of failure. But you know your goal. Knowledge is hard to crack. Everything is a fight but at the same time you have reason or rage to take on the fight. This mood profile is called Rajas Guna.


This is a mood when you don't want to indulge in Yajna at all. You want to consume your way into sensory pleasures. Your curiosity takes you to extreme traps and your fickle mind doesn't let your intelligence to even play its role. In other words, you consume and bloat.

Dynamism of Profiles

Every conscious agent goes through these mood swings till she is steadfast at Karm Yoga. That is because Matrix is stronger than we give it credit for. The key is to start identifying your mood profiles - may be you have Sattva rising high in the early morning. That is when you want to perform your Yajna.

Effect of food we eat

Gita is very particular about the food we eat for the right intake is crucial to getting to the mood you want. Fresh food , fruits and fresh milk helps to attain Satvik mood. Spicy, bitter, too hot or too cold foods raise the Rajasa. Stale food, alcohol and eating at wrong times give rise to Tamsa.

In fact the foods you crave for can give you an indication as to what is your current mood profile.

Beyond profiles - Gunateeta

Gita says that the goal of everyone on this path is to stabilize our intelligence (and actions) such that we are beyond these mood swings. Such a person is called Gunateeta - someone who has conquered her moods.