As we saw in the last section , `Gunas` define our mood. Let us now see the effect of these moods on the `Yajna` and thus manifestations thereof.

Wasted Effort

I think it is clear from the last section that a person who is primarily driven by Tamasa can hardly take on Yajna. Such people consume themselves all sorts of information (manifestations) and bloat their way to sleep. Their efforts are driven by the sensory pleasures. They keep changing the slots always in hope for a jackpot with absolutely random chance for favorable outcomes. Gita says such people waste their time and effort without decrypting any knowledge or manifesting anything that could inspire others.

Chasing multiple options

People driven by the Rajas Guna mostly engage in Sakaam Yajna - actions performed to gain a favorable outcome. As we saw before, their intelligence is mostly consumed in cost benefit analysis. They fight the fickle mind and are normally consumed in worries. They work very hard but their work leads to manifestations of inferior value that lack large blocks of knowledge. The reason such people work extra hard is they keep many paths open to chase a spefific outcome. If Yajna is a git repo, these people create a new branch with every new piece of information they consume hoping that one of them will culminate into worldly success or favorable outcome.

Gita says that such people split their intelligence into many branches. Not only they split their intelligence into many branches, they even vigorously advocate their schemes.

Vyavsaytmika Buddhir, Ekeha Kurunandana ; Bhau-shakha Hy Anantas Ch, Buddhayo Vyavasaynam | [2.41]

Krishna says, "Hey Arjun - there is only one resolute intelligence ie Karm Yoga ; Those who are not fixated (on Karm Yoga ) they spread their intelligence into infinite brances.

Real Wealth - Daivy Sampad

Gita says that a Sthit Prajna - one whose curiosity and intelligence is stable, also called Samtva BuddhiYoga , is able to engage in Nishkam Yajna - A ritual of actions where focus is on quality of righteous actions rather than the outcomes. Such people slowly gain what Gita calls Daivy Sampad. With their minds stable and their ability to take righteous actions, such people decrypt large chunks of knowledge. While gaining immense peace through such actions , Nishkaam Karm Yogi attains worldly riches.

A word of caution for the Nishkam Karm Yogies

As the Daivy Sampad grows, people grow a community around you . Such followers aid the Yajna. At the same time , such communities become a matter of deep pride for the Karm Yogies. This is another way Maya - Matrix plays the last trick. If the Yogi's ego starts feasting on such recognition, her fall is imminent.

Daivy Sampad to Master of the consciousness field

The decryption of knowledge has exponential characteristics. Once the Karm Yogi passes a certain threshold, they experience explosion of knowledge. At this stage the intelligence falls apart. The expansion of knowledge is such that there is no intelligence to capture contain it into manifestations. Such an intricate play of knowledge is no more regular Prakriti Purusha interaction. This exchange is called Siva Shakti where Siva represents intense knowledge and Shakti symbolizes extreme intelligence.

Krishna says , if the Karm Yogi stays steadfast on her path , she becomes the Master of the field through above exponential expansion of knowledge . Such a Yogi is called - Khshetrajya. He says that the five bugs that capture senses along with curiosity , intelligence and ego is what creates the consciousness field - Kshetra. One who understands and conquers the five bugs to stabilize their curiosity and intelligence is the "Master of the field".

We have dealt with the five bugs , knowledge and intelligence thus far in the preceding sections ... Let us now look at the "ego" and formation of conciousness in the next ..