Chapter 6.0

The Universal Sanbox.

Imagine this entire universe as an application - the mega application. No , I am NOT suggesting machines have taken over. Skynet is still far away in the future though it is already 2021 :-)

The Ultimate Compute Environment ..

The [protected] knowledge , distributed among trillions of conscious agents, acting in unison creates our "Reality". We can call it the "collective consciousness". When we claim to have done something, most of the work is actually performed by the collective consciousness. It is not hard to grasp but let me use a question to get you to my line of thinking ...

When we code, we spend enormous effort to plan, design, implement various modules, integrate, test and deploy among many other things. We can create something quick and dirty in matter of weeks or months but it takes years to create something worthwhile. However, when we run the program, it works almost instantaneously - Why ? In fact , more effort we put in coding , faster it runs. Same true of any other creative pursuit we undertake. Why does it takes hours to make a good meal but it vanishes into our mouth in no time :-) . Even this book, as simple as this page, took many days to write , but you read it in no time - may be minutes ..

You might say, it takes no time to run the program because it runs on a powerful computer. So what is that underlying computer ? Any random program doesn't work on any computer no matter how powerful. When we write an application , we also define the underlying environment that we need to run our code. For example if it is a Java program, we will need some version of Java Run Time ; if it is Java Script, we will need a Browser to run the code. Things don't stop here, we are required to tell what kind of operating system we need and of course that OS runs on a very specific hardware.

If everything - top to bottom - is exactly as specified, it works almost instantaneously. It automatically spins up an environment, creates the variables , does what it needs to do and exits. Thousands of lines of code are executed every time you are clicking a mouse to change the page on this very book. But it all feels natural. No work seems to be have happened.

Thousands of lines of code working in a predefined environment represent the collective knowledge of all the developers, testers and who ever else is associated with the project.

Let's expand this analogy little more.... Let's say that the application we wrote uses two languages - assume Rust at the back-end and Java Script for the user interface. And let us say that it runs on Debian somewhere in the Google Cloud. Arguably, all the developers of Rust, JavaScript, Debian and Google Cloud are part of your application. Their knowledge is in built into your application. We can further expand to include Intel team as well because the server uses Intel CPUs.. And on and on..

Ultimately you will find that every one in this entire universe played a part in development of our little application.

When Krishna says - I am the doer; it means this collective consciousness does all the work. Our effort is equivalent to the click of the mouse. Some one has already written and tested most of the code; created and spawned the environment for things to happen. And they happen almost instantaneously. But they happen only if we take an action. The environment can't do anything unless we act - be it a click of the mouse to turn the page or to order your favourite samosa soup

Lifting a cup of coffee to our lips must be done by us though the coffee that we are drinking comes to us through a global effort of agriculture, supply chain, logistics, marketing , branding and finally someone at local Starbucks brewed it. Now extend it to the intricate work that nature does in making the seed , the rain , the heat , the soil - all that went into making those beans - No wonder morning brew tastes so good !

So now if you ask me - who made this coffee - I have to say - The ultimate computer that runs this "Reality".

Who is Krishna ?

This collective consciousness is also called Parmatma [super [protected] knowledge]. Krishna is someone who fully understands the inner working of this large distributed and decentralized algorithm. If you think Google knows every thing , then Krishna is like the Google Assistant - only million time better. All we need to do is call him when ever we need help. Being so smart, Krishna knows if our cry for help is real or simply a waste of time. Thus his response might seem bit moody :-) but it works.

Distributed and Federated

The beauty of this knowledge is it is complete and distributed as a full copy. Animals get the same copy as the humans and so does insects. However, getting a full copy doesn't mean everyone can (or must) do everything. We all use this knowledge for a specific purpose. In other words, we decrypt only a tiny part of the knowledge that is of use to us.

In a way, every one has a unique purpose but no one is indispensable.

Karm Yoga enables us to find and fulfill that unique thing that we are here to do . When we see the vastness of the action machine that is working out there to humor our whims and fancies, we start defocusing the outcomes. And we start growing a fascination for the "Actions". It really doesn't matter if your latte was too cold. What really matters is someone made it for you ..


The feeling of appreciation, that is borderline devotion on one side and love for entire system on the other - is called Anuraga.

Krishna says - Anuraga is kind of pre-requisite for getting into karm yoga. He adds , if you can't see beauty in everything that I do, Karm Yoga for you will come with hardships. On the other hand, if you could admire my intricate ways of working, you will easily take on your chores ..

I promised you - it is NOT skynet ..

Who am I ?

Now that you know that Krishna is always there to assist you, you might wanna ask the question. Yes the eternal question that every one seems to be struggling with. Your "curiosity" might force you to check if there are millions of us what is so important about you? You may also wonder who are these coders who are rendering this epic game we know as "Reality" ?

Do you think Krishna will have time to answer your question? More importantly, if you have Anuraga - the deep appreciation of all that is there for you, would you even ask it ? Wouldn't you intuitively know that "YOU" and everything else are "just one" - the Bramha

You are not a part of the machine. You are the machine. This entire universe is just you. The breeze , the trees , the sand , the air , the cars , the computers and the planets , And the black-holes , everything arises from your perceptions. There are no "TWO" , just one. Simply put , it is a single player game - even the computer you are playing on is you.

Now you know Anuraga is another way to end the "duality". If there is no duality, who would you compete with ? What does ID mean ? How can fear exist? But reaching that stage is a journey. That is the end of your coding career. For now you only have the information that spiders are just in your mind - yet , there they are :-) On your toilet wall. It will take little more to let your hands touch their legs. It will take little more to accept the things as they are. Your fingers are still not effortless on the violin. But you know this journey is yours. You got to take the first and then some more baby steps. End of duality is in sight .. Let us build our "Helloworld.gita" -)