First of all congratulations. If you made it thus far, that means

  • You are human.
  • You are curious.
  • You are willing to play your part - means invoke Karm Yoga.

And I promise, this is the most fun HelloWorld you will ever experience. In fact, you are already doing it. Reading this book is HelloWorld. Driving a car is same. Every time you make a choice, you are writing a new HelloWorld in this universal sandbox. With every breath you are invoking entire universe - an instance and you are adding a little piece of your code to it. And then you can test it right in front of you.

You don't need special coding skills. You already have everything that you need. The question really is how big an app you want to create ?

The simple Action's Language

Lets address few simple questions. If I can already write HelloWorld apps, why can't I write the advanced applications? Why doesn't things work exactly the way I want. The answer is simple too. You just need to practice little more. What ever you want is possible right here. You see the magic all around you. Every day! All the things that you use - even the man made things, appear impossible to build in the start. Can you build an spaceship ? Or an aeroplane or even a car ? But someone does. Someone knows how the damn thing works. They may take help from other humans or even deploy machines but someone holds the knowledge - not just information. You can be that person if you choose to. All you need is set of actions that you do on daily basis.

You wouldn't be wrong to ask " why practice ". Why do I need to indulge in actions ?

Why this [protected] knowledge is so cryptic? Why I am not made aware of it right at the birth?

The answer is simple - we are! There is huge piece of "knowledge" that is already revealed to you. You didn't need to do any practice to start breathing at your birth. Your heart started pumping without you having to consciously practice anything. All the basic things for the survival are already there. You need to learn the "Simple Actions Language" only if you want to do something more. If you can be happy with whatever you know or whatever you have, you can really survive as long as you want and enjoy this grand show. The problem is you do want to do something more. Don't you ? And that "something" is also easy enough to get. That too is there with in us. We just need to brush it up. Every skill that is out there; is already known to us. Remember the core design - we all get a full copy of the code. We just need to read the manuals and "practice" a little.

As we saw in last section, this doesn't mean, we are going to to do everything. No ! We will enjoy doing only certain things or a combination thereof - unique to each one of us. And that combination holds the key to [protected] knowledge. Think of it as the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. That is all you need to plug in to reveal the entire picture. Chances are you are very close to that combination. Your choices thus far have already brought you close to where you wanted to be. You really don't need to go to jungle to discover yourself but detaching yourself from material world wouldn't hurt. Taking some time to engage in some other activity helps .. May be you want to travel the world. May be you want to learn Music.

Taking a break from the rat race, gives you a chance to look at your life from a distance. Remember we talked about looking at yourself as a third person - Atmoupamyen Drishti. Once you know your purpose, things will automagically fall in shape. Learning that skill will be easy and natural. In fact, looking at your life, you will see the pattern that will connect the dots to your purpose. The good news is you have infinite time. As many bodies you want to change you can. You have access to all the resources as long as you are careful not to waste them for there is a penalty too for taking this all for granted.

If you start your music journey with say a Violin, the instructions are only to use the violin so that you could perform practice sessions. The knowledge of Music is not in the instructions , it is hidden in that practice. You can't read your way to become a musician. You must "Practice". Try swimming after reading a book on it :-) It doesn't mean that reading or getting information for what you want to be is bad. The idea is not to get lost in the sea of information.

See this entire Universe as inspiration and tools to enable you realize your purpose. Not the other way around.

Let us break it down further. When you say you want to be a Violinist, you are expressing an "outcome". A certain set of actions can accomplish this outcome. The actions being ...

  • Buy a Violin
  • Allocate two hours daily to learn Violin.
  • Find a good teacher or look up a good lesson series on You Tube.
  • Watch the series first 30 minutes of your allocated time, and memorise the instructions
  • Practice the instructions for an hour and half - the remaining time of your two hours allocation.
  • Repeat this for sixty days.

If you want to do above actions, Universal sandbox provisions the resources that you need. What it can't promise that at the end of sixty days you will be a master of Violin. If that happens, good for you. If it doesn't , too bad.

So at the end of sixty days, if you became world's best Violinist , you will be elated. What if you couldn't crack it ? Music is just isn't in your DNA. You will feel sad ..right? That is because you have attached the notion of pleasure and pain with the outcome. What if your goal was NOT to become a Violinist, you just wanted to play it for sixty days - just for the heck of it. Will you still feel the pleasure or pain ? You just wanted to play it and you played. Look at the children. They just want to play in the evening. No weight loss goal, no fitness mentor. They just want to play .. When did we lose that fun with the actions. Another way to look at it is if you are not getting pleasure in "Actions" , ask if it is worth doing because if you are on the right path to your purpose (and that is a big if), you wouldn't even realize that you are working or "Practicing". Practice itself is the pleasure. If you feel you are forced into things you are doing; there is no way to change. If you feel obligated. Remember, it is a single player game. There is no one getting hurt if you didn't do something. Or there is no one getting peace out of what you are doing. Only you get the peace. Only you suffer through the cycles of pains and happiness if your actions are motivated through a desire. This is your universal sandbox. All the obligations, all the obstacles are as much creation of your mind as the tools and inspirations you have here. In fact, the obstacles and failures are there to get you to your path. The "Pain" too has a purpose for there is nothing in this scheme that exists without a good reason.

Actions need NOT be attached to an outcome. Acting without an outcome in mind is possible. We did it as a child. Most of the animals do it everyday. If you are not getting peace in what you do, then most probably you are suffering yourself in chasing a desire or you don't know your purpose. Either ways, your Yajna is going to be painful. And random outcomes will most likely be a source of pain.

Getting back to our lessons on Violin - if you are too full of yourself, you may ask the question " What did universe do in it ? " I bought the Violin, I read the instructions, I played it .. wait .. you probably missed the previous chapter. You only paid a paper currency for Violin. You will need a PhD in Music theory to make one yourself, even then the chances are you wont be able to build every piece that goes into it. You will sure never be able to make the air that carries the sound from Violin strings to your ears. And I guess you can't make human ears or hands for that matter. All these are there for you, pre-created by the universal sandbox and free to use ..

You got the idea - The language that Universal Sandbox understands is that of "Actions". For example if you want to practice the Violin , the list of actions is easy, but if you want to become a musician , leave alone world's best Violinist - hmm - I don't know how to program that . Another example - if you want to play the roulette in Casino , you got it .. But if you want to hit the million dollar jackpot , I don't know how to convert that into an actions list without knowing how the roulette machine works. In essence the universal computer DOESN'T understand the language of "OUTCOMES". If you want to do something, it is right there. If you want an "outcome" it demands a clear list of actions. If there is a mismatch, you are responsible for your code. But you can always try again , again and again ie practice till you hit the outcome. If you play the roulette a million times, chances are you might figure out how the machine works. Unfortunately there is no ready action list that can exactly tell me how to make you a Musician without lifting the instrument. The universal computer will be greatly benefited if you could figure out one - May be NeuraLink has an answer :-)

Karma and Yajna

The Actions listed above are called Karma. Anythings that you need to do to accomplish a goal are Karma. Doing them for sixty days (in example above) is Yajna. So actions and Practice.

Actions and Outcomes are the key thing to understand. In a simple way, the things that you can do - are actions. By you means "You" with the help of Universal Sandbox. The things that you expect to happen are outcomes. In a way Outcomes can also be called "favourable outcomes". Putting money in a casino slot is an "Action". Hitting a jackpot is an "expectation" (favorable outcome).

Gita says - You only own the Actions. Outcomes are beyond your control

Let us look at the Music example once again. Each of the actions can be further broken down. Lets take the first one for example sake

  • Buy a good Violin
    • Allocate say 1000 dollars for a Violin
    • Check with friends or consult online forums to find which is a good Violin brand and check the price.
    • Go to Music shop to test it
    • Check the price online
    • Order online or pick up from Music shop where ever cheaper
    • Get the delivery.
    • Unwrap the Violin - you may wanna celebrate start of your Music Journey by making an Violin Unwrap-ing video :-)

Gita says - As you indulge in Actions, The Karma gets more and more accurate. It gets more and more granular.

Next time you need to buy a Violin, you already know lots of steps. It will take you lesser time. Next time you pick up the Violin to play, you will not need to see the instructions. Next time - after sixty days - it might sound like Music - No guarantees though :-)

Where does the [protected] knowledge live

When you keep breaking down your actions to finer and more granular details - finally you see the knowledge. Then you see how a particular swipe on the string translates to a specific note - the high , the low . This knowledge can not be written in books. Only Yajna can reveal it. We also call it Smriti because it is something that can only be remembered or experienced. The other part , that can be told is shurti.

When Smriti is revealed on to us, things seem fully automated. In fact, that is what automation is. If we can define the finest of the sub-action in full detail , I guess a robot can easily perform the task. Thus most of the universe seems automated. Rains to seasons; breath to pumping of heart. All of it is hidden under the delusions - Moha. At the end of Gita, Krishna asked Arjuna if he got what he wanted ? He replied back saying

Nashto Moha, Smritir Labdha.

Means all my delusions are now gone and I am one with my Smriti.

Templates and Expectations

Millions of such action lists are already known to us. You don't need to look up a manual to get your heart pumping. A child already knows where to look for milk as soon as she is born. We know that water will quench our thirst. We know we need fresh air to breathe. We already know where to find the food to eat - in the refrigerator , duh :-)

We expect certain things to work - iPhone should just work; car should just work, hot water should .... You know. We expect universe to provision the things as needed. It does as long as it has a Template. A well defined action list - granular enough to act. If the action list is detailed enough, it will provision those things for us. This also means that someone has created those templates.

The problem happens when we are doing something new. Because we are used to templates, we are trained to express our expectations. We got used to talking in terms of "Outcomes". We became consumers of the system, NOT developers. That is fine as long as we want to consume standard big Mac. But if you wanna make your own custom burger - the damn thing doesn't work.

The core conflict is we want our unique thing but we only know expressions of expectations. We don't want to spend time in creating (and practicing) our own action list. There are only two possibilities - we can choose to be a template follower or we can spend time to create our own ..Gita recommends later because that is the path to peace and exit ..

So what is your first "HelloWorld App"

Pick up a thing that you want to do. May be you expect to travel to some place where no man has gone before. Well that is a tough one. Why not grow a kitchen garden in your back yard ? Or foster a dog from the nearby animal shelter !

Write down the actions and check if Universe helps you take those actions. If it didn't , go to next level of actions and keep on breaking down till you get the response .. I am sure Universe is kind. May "Krishna" be with you !