If you wandered on California trails, cutting through the ranches where they lose the boundary and cattle roam free from one hill to another, I am sure you noticed that cattle always come back. They have some sort of GPS and sense of time. But that is not the point I driving you to. I am saying if you wandered such trails, you sure have seen the cow dung. Cow dung is not special but what it happens with in it is quite amazing. With in a day or two, suddenly a colony of small insects grow inside to eat it away. They eat away all the remaining nutrients and with in a week or so , the dung becomes the earth.

Where did this colony of millions of small insects grew up. We thought life takes billions of years of evolution. How come all that happened almost instantaneously ? And even bigger question is why it seems like a day or a week long process for the knowledge to spring up - knowledge to convert the cow dung to earth ? Do those insects know their purpose ? Or the purpose is in our narrative ?


When we cast the net to catch the fish, that is the narrative we tell ourselves. Are we catching the fish or the dead corpses of the fish ? If we were to catch fish, we should always keep the net in the water. Because fish is manifestation of knowledge that stays in water, roams around , breaths and procreates in water. Our purpose was never to catch the fish. Our purpose was to sell the dead corpses of fish in the market or may be make dinner with it.

The moment we pull the net out, the "FISH" leave the net. Instantaneously , you have the dead corpses.

Life springs up in cow dung instantaneously. It leaves the net instantaneously.


A machine is that takes two or many fairly automated Yajnas and bind them together as a black box. It needs certain inputs , it goes through its actions , binds or releases the knowledge and give you something that you can feel with your senses. You only get the information, no knowledge comes to you from machine as to what transpired inside. You can take this information and do whatever you want to do it with you.

Machines are everywhere in the user interface as well as deep in the application. We perceive these machines and their (info) outputs with our senses.


Time is the wait for machines to complete their tasks. Our senses build a narrative to keep us busy. For example, we have seen the fish swimming in the water. Now that net is down below, even without clear sight, we are imagining that fish are getting caught in the net. How dumb are they ! No evolution has trained them that they should dodge the net. And how big bounty we are catching here in the deep water. How much I am going to sell them for.

We don't care that the machine is doing two separate things here - casting deep is to lure the fish - the net is such intricate mesh of intelligence that fish must manifest into it. They will come even though it seems stupid. And then the second act is manifestation of dead corpses as the machine pulls the net out. Knowledge manifested in the net and left. We are handed the dead fish and the narrative to make you feel as if two hours passed.

Krishna and Gita

  • The question that haunts new yogies is who is Krishna ? In chapter 10 verse 20 , Krishna says

ahem atma gudakesa, sarv bhootasya sthitah ; ahem adishch madhyam cha, bhootanam antev cha! - Means I am the atma in every being. I am in the center of them. I was their beginning as well as their end.

  • So we can say a conscious agent has three fundamental parts - The senses, the Mind and the Soul.


  • The notion of time Kala is the effort conscious agent takes to create an action plan. Once all the details are filled in, manifestation is instantaneous. Think of it as if we are writing a program. The time is taken in writing the code , compiling and may be debugging it. And to accommodate the change requests. Once the code is final and made into a binary, it hardly takes any time to run and manifest the intended outcome.
  • The way each program spawns its own universe at run time, Krishna says, I do all the work by spawning the universe required for the action plan.
  • Conscious agents feel continuity of time Kal chakra because before an action plan is frozen they move on to interpreting more sense observations. And they keep changing the action plan.

The Notion of Time - KaalChakraa Senses have dual role - To observe the nature and to commuicate with other conscious beings. Since ears are always open to the space they also act as the primary Sense in all animals with five senses. That's the reason MUSIC is the most evolved means to set the mood. We will know about moods later. For now suffice to know that hearing is primary sense in both say humans and dogs but dogs; after hearing something focus with smell. Humans on the other hand focus with eyes. For most part we decide Yes or NO to act on the sensory inputs with nose. In some cases such as eating we deploy nose. Dogs take the call with nose and very rarely deploy their eyses. That is the reason your dog can't see you talking on iPhone but they can hear. Then they try to smell and when they dont find you smell they think their mind is playing tricks. And they sit down in vain. Since vision works for us , we have developed technology to broadcast sound and video but we don't care abount the smell. This itself is putting rest of the animal world at an disadvantage.

  • We need to justify ourselves to stay alive or else truth will break our ego / ID. If all of us see the same truth, we just can't be different. We use reason to do this justification. Reason by design must create at the very least a sense of duality. So that you can pick up your version of the story rather than truth.

When you are in your Yajna there is no notion of time. Because your senses are rarely used in the Yajna. You are lost in the action. Kalpa thus is timeless.