Being Human

Gita gives humanity super special status because humans have tools to perform, Yajna and Dhyana - which means humans have innate ability to tap into [protected] knowledge and manifest in targeted way. For example humans can easily become a musicians. Not to say that Music is a cakewalk but imagine how hard it is for a dog to play the Violin. It seems that humans can pretty much do anything that they want to accomplish. Other species might do certain activities better than humans - for example Horse is a better runner but they are - more or less- a single trick ponies. Horses may get angry on me for calling them ponies :-) ..

What about humans - can all of us do everything that we want to ? Are some of us better at getting things done ? Some of spend a lot of time in thinking what to do and others jump right in ! And then there are some who sit there , do nothing and just write books - what losers :-)

Should you teach all the kids in a class in same manner ? Or even better - should it be okay to have a grade five students attend graduate level courses ? Is grade five student in any measure lesser than a graduate level one ? - both are just trying to study based on their age , time or grey matter.

Krishna says - all are equally important but everyone is unique. Being unique is a welcome thing. He says - I created four broad categories based on human's orientation, their preferences and what they want to or not want to accomplish. These categories are beyond color, age and sex. They definitely have nothing to do with the place or family of birth because the "App" we are talking is truly global in nature - In fact it is a universal app ..

Chatur Varnyam Maya Srishtam , Guna Karm Vibhagshah ;

Which means - I created four different bands of humans based on their affinities and actions orientations.

People can move from one band to another if they want to. And these bands are NOT lesser of better than each other. Based on these four categories, there are navigational paths and help documentation available.

A common misunderstanding among readers of Gita is that these four categories are some kind of grades - as if you move from Elementary to Middle school and than to High and there after you get a bachelor degree. There is no such thing. You can realize your [protected] knowledge in which ever category you are. There is NO better or worse path. The goal of Gita is NOT to change you into a different human. In fact - the goal is to make you better at what you are - kinda a best version of your self. For example - Krishna didn't ask Arjuna (a warrior) to turn into a monk. Nor did he ask him to start a big business. He only made him a better warrior. ..So much "better" that you lift yourself above these categories and orientations. The word that Gita uses is Gunateeta - which means beyond qualities and Sthitprgya - means the one whose intelligence is rock stable.

Let us look into the categories .. We will use the example of our App Model to make it easy concept ..



The simplest thing is most un-intuitive..

What happens if I choose not to turn on the ignition and press on the gas? The logical answer is car won't run. But it doesn't mean you wont get to the destination. May be you can take a bus. May be going there is not even important. The simple answer is probably "it doesn't matter". Most of the things are anyway happening without us making a choice. We didn't order or heart to start pumping the blood this morning. Breathing never stopped. All the important things are anyway beyond our choice. We somehow start believing that the choices we make are the cause of all the action.

Is there anything we could do where we don't make a choice. Let someone else make a choice or even better to leave it on nature. Guess what, most of us would think we will have nothing to do if we didn't make a choice. Gita says, there is plenty. At a very minimum, we can watch things happening. Or wait for someone to ask for a glass of water. Why is it so hard to let the "doer" make a choice and just follow along ? That is because our choices (not actions) are driven by desires. We want to accomplish something without even spending time to understand if the thing we want get done are aligned with collective consciousness. In a way, we are running the car - helter skelter - under influence of desires.

In next chapter I will build on my understanding of the framework to detach desires from actions. Suffice to know here that such actions are called Nishkaam Karma - which simply means - actions without desires. These actions - when practiced- are key to understanding the [protected] knowledge for when we are NOT driven by desires, we are driven by Atma. Just like rest of the beautiful universe ...