#Bhakti Yoga

If you don't have time to understand Gita, or you don't think you have patiience to deal with it ? What is the way out ?

In fact , Krishna , knowing the plight of most of us mortals , says , Bhakti Yoga is easier and a happy way to Karm Yoga.

All you need to do is follow your Krishna and leave all your outcomes (good or bad) unto Krishna.


  • The centerpiece of Bhakti Yoga is to understand that all manifestation is done by Krishna. Krishna being the vast consciousness from where all conscious agents emanate and a tiny piece of that is in every being. This separation is ONLY to substantiate our notion of SPACE. We will discover later that there is no physical separation. Everything is connected. The difference is only what a conscious agent is focused on to observe. Observation is the key for our universe is as small (or as vast) as we observe.
  • Conscious agents get sensory inputs as soon as they (the senses) come in contact with their respective element. And then we process the information in terms of acceptance of change in conditions and then our INTELLIGENCE cast an action plan. This is the TIME. The moment plan is complete i.e knowledge is complete, the creation happens automagically. A vast super conscious system provides all the resources and manifestation happens. There is no time taken in creation.
  • Thus the work, as we perceive, is only knowing how the things are done. Once we know exactly how, everything can be automated. There is no human effort. Or zero man hour spent. This is for the things that we humans do but there are infinitely large activities already automated. For example rain is required for growing food for billions of people and feeding animals. There is no human effort needed. There is no human effort involved in seed becoming a tree. The effort is only deciding what to grow, where to grow and when to grow and myriad of other decisions that we conscious agents take. The better and complete our knowledge, there will be no physical work for us.
  • Thus we can say manifestation is automated. If not 100% , may be 99.999999 % . Don't you agree ?
  • In Krishna's world everything moves as prescribed. Earth goes around the Sun. Sun goes around the massive black hole at the center of of our milky way. And we call it evolution. But in our world a pin doesn't move till I move it. A word doesn't get typed on it's own. Isn't that funny ?
  • The reason is simple. Our knowledge is imperfect in many spheres. Where ever we reach perfection we automate it. A car runs with the press of a button. That is NOT evolution. That is automation. Why is it so hard for us to accept that our universe is hugely automated cause of superior automation that is beyond our understanding ?

Karm Yoga

  • Thus all the focus is on a ritualistic approach to acheiving perfection in your prescibed or chosen act - Yajna and Karma. Perfection to an extent that we just enjoy the work without even looking at the fruits of work.
  • Krishna says that this can be done in two ways - Sanyasa - renunciation or Prema - eternal love. Also called Bhakti Yoga. However , he says, that path of renunciation is very difficult. In this path Karm Yogi is easily fooled by the matrix and he falls again and again after enjoying the fruits of Yajna. The focus in this path is on excellence of the skills to attain perfection of knowledge. He adds that though dwellers of this path win over Fear , Anger and Jealousy but they are often swallowed by Pride in their pefection. This leads to their fall.
  • The other path, that of Prema or Bhakti is comparatively easier. , he says. In this path, you need to admire the way I work. Make every resource available. He goes on to show his virat roopa to Arjuna to show him that all the work that he thinks is to be done by him ie killing his brethern and teachers , has already been done by Krishna. Not even Arjuna's enemies , but people on his side are also dying and entering his immense jaws. The idea is that you marvel at his expanse. He says that I am the fire in Sun. I am the desires. I am the intelligence. Just see me and understand me. When you focus on me, you are solely focused on me, you will no longer be bonded by the the outcomes of your Karma. Thus your knowledge will easily reach perfection. Such Karm Yogies are happy and they are rarely impacted by the bugs of nature. And they are saved from the curse of pride Ahenkaara too.
  • If all your focus is on How he works , then you will easily win over the duality of INTELLIGENCE because, you are spending no time on the sensory observations. You will appear a mystic to the world. You will know everything that is knowable and you will indulge in your Karma joyfully. Being one with me allows you comfort in Karmyoga.
  • Thus wether you take sanyasa or Prema you still will do your Yazna ie pefecting your knowledge but later is more natural way of doing things. In this path you will find me by your side. Always. I shall own your actions for you are directed by me.
  • This knowledge, that is exposed on you through knowing and adoring me is jnaana - The real knowledge. He adds that even Sanyasa will lead you to this conclusion.

Prem Yoga

If you can't do Bhakti , Krishna invokes Bhatki in you through Love. Intense longing ..It is called Prem Yoga. Decpited by Krishna under his another hat long before the signing up for "Charioteer" for Arjuna.