• Nishkaam Yajna is Nyaan Yoga. Nishkaam Karm Yoga is Bhakti Yoga. Nyaan Yoga will finally get to what Bhakto Yoga is already doing. But before this happens , Nyaan Yogi needs to cross the hurdle of Duality. Must start seeing the Truth. Means lose your ID. The moment that happens, the desire to exit is also gone. The bad news is it feels like shit. You feel like you don't stand for anything that you did todate. The good news is all that you ever wanted will soon be there for you.
  • Giving up things becomes easy and all those things that you give up are so easily available to you.
  • Intense longing --> Nyaan Yajna --> Nishkaam Yajna --> Nishkaam Karm Yoga - Prapti.