Karm Yoga

Getting lost in the actions such that our entire focus shifts to action rituals is Karm Yoga. Awareness of what the situation demands of you and doing exactly that. If the situation demands rising up to the challenges - then Karm Yoga is accepting the challange. If the situation demands to stay quiet than silence is the Karm Yoga. An obvious by-product of Karm Yoga is total loss of focus on senses - the consumption orientation. You may still consume if situation demands that , but you do it without the attachment to consumption - or any expectation from the situation.

In Maha-Bharata the epic ; Krishna is depicted as the one who conceived Karm Yoga and followed through his examplery actions - Leela. His conversation with Arjuna , at the middle of the two armies, is not only a scripture, but it is also one of the finest piece of poetry byMaharishi Ved Vyasa. The goal of this first season, is to cover the chapter 3 of Bhagvad Gita that is fully dedicated to the topic and is a fascinating piece of conversation between two yogies on the battlefield.