Episode 4

Imagine a beautiful sunny day in California a bunch of friends or family, walking on a beautiful trail. Nice. Summer Sun in the bushes. We will obviously shout to caution your friends and family members, and try to see through the bushes. Modified sitting there lifeless. And there is no such thing. Your friends look at you and your family. And you are trying to clean up the mess in the beauty of the moment. The beauty of the walk. The breeze. the sun, the tranquillity of the place was. That's before everyone starts laughing at what, how do you clean up the mess that is created by failure of our sensory, have your eyes, played a trick on you. And now you got to use your words to explain that you really thought it was a snake, and you wanted to make sure that your friends are not hurt. Pro whites works to clean up the mess we make, we need to choose our words very carefully. A lot of smoke. Now, if you are engaged in cleaning up the mess created by the spoken word, because that will be doubled the widest was given to communicate, there is pleasure, clarifying your position. Now in the last episode, we talked about the songs. Bodily Experiences. What is that nature. What is classical yoga. We say that every breath that we take, we take in the Samskaara of external world into us. And we exhale, something from deep within us. And the most direct way of doing that is to say a word. How do we speak out of our chest. We use our cross industry form the words and the sentences, and the context and explain why do you see a snake and throat is the centre of all this activity. That's the reason we call throat chakra, as we should, be it literally means cleaning up, purifying purification. And the thing is is that, if it is well placed to be meaningful. We'll make peace. And that obviously translates into early success. that helps you simulate the external world. Actually, the government. Beside the last episode is to understand who we are and then explain exactly how that is not evil. It covers the heart chakra. All the senses that we have the ears. I smell. They all bring information into us. In a way, consumption oriented. We saw the sun senses. And the word is the only thing that we have to explain this experience. Of course, writing came back later. We devised symbol centres to write down a spoken word. For millions of years. And even today, most of the communication. It's been spoken word style. The word that is guiding and 1000s of years. Vietnam was punished in the Scripture was passed on from one generation to another generation. A shooting ad in India. Sometimes all it should experience that you have a nice, the barking dog. What is not said words are not people to express is their experience. That's one thing that we remember should be what we hear. what we can either say, not yet. So let's go and try to see if these bonuses can evoke some of the Swifties into us. Currently, the sense of smell, taste, and skin in the product. Auto line. One of what we say, corresponds to one of the lower chakras in our body. As we talked about. Centuries ago, consume information. It's the one we know that it's definitely a certain amount of expression. I can say a lot scheme also has the primary communication is still the spoken word. In the census. For collection of information. So Krishna says, yum, yum, yum, yum news. By the way we are talking about the broader concept of yoga, primarily of the brain, or the mind that we know that is. That's it, sensors, and the Deep Mind stored. Nobodies, what we call sweeties. We will continue to unpeel some of these designations as we go along. But for now, they are the senses to initiate the action. So the word. Gotta be into the ritual of actions. Now this is important to be underlined means the task. So, who does. But he is not attached was not looking for outcomes. So, he or she should should they be special. So you have to initiate the actions without any attachment to the outcomes of those actions. The fruits of those actions. Doing all activities. While regulating the sense of the, the five senses is a special person is better than others. So we are able to see the contrast here, someone is holding back, while still adapt to the situation. To the very purpose of senses himself with a misconduct karmayoga initiates regulating the sense that the fruits of their activities that are indulging into Karma is a special one. Let's continue. Now, We decided action. Karma proscribed actions. Do your pre decided actions inside the festival. He definitely better than means. Know your duties. Do your activities. Because actions are definitely better than anything. The journey of this body. The manifested body from the giant rock PVS, also known as it. It's a very simple word, even for your physical fitness, physical fitness, as well as mental fitness. It actually is a popular choice in action is not a famous choice, shall not proceed. So let's quickly recap the conversation in the middle of the war. That mixed messages are kind of intelligence and fish notice, same types of people. Two types of seekers have previously said by me, Yanni Yogi's. The scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and Academy Yogi's who are connected. Because what is right and what is wrong for you say this situation demands, not taking the righteous action is a source of misconduct, committing yourself with your fences and minds the right place. And without getting attached to the fruits of that special thing. We should show a recommended approach that always do your actions, as per your prescribed duties. And he says that if you don't do that. Even for your physical body, or your physical mind. That's not a recommended choice. Qualifying remarks. We get into kind of peripheral definition of Kirby. He says, yet not from. This is what's from karma yoga. It sums up. Let's see the literal word by word and why not for the sake of getting into the desktop, yet, nice to see the law as a simple definition actions that are done as a ritual, pretty much daily basis, done for the sake of our actions. Karma means action, something done as a ritual of actions is actually an otherwise no karma bond sale is on sale. Arjuna. Krishna has many names, or contact liberated from the curse of association to liberate from the curse of association. This person. So I suppose to do it, always smarter to express in a balance. Let me repeat the words once again. Yes or no. Your actions, that's balanced and liberated from the curse of association, because all other actions. They don't connect to me, they don't make you you. Because all other actions are the bondage to this world so much.

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As we know, we are trained in this survival oriented world - which is not a bad thing. But that means we are continuously focused on our senses. Ears included. And senses only consume. There is only one way to communicate our external and internal experience. That is through speech. Our eyes and our facial expressions do help but speech is the primary way to communicate. We can of course write these days but we write what we want to speak. In other words writing is a way to store the speech data. So we have five senses consuming all sorts of information and our body acting accordingly and there is one throat to say and explain our experience.


Yah [one who] Tu [but] Indriyani [the senses] Mansa [ by the mind] Niyamya [as a routine] Arabhte [ndulge in] Arjuna [arjuna];

Karm-Indriyaih [with the active work organs] Karm Yogam [ritual of action] Asaktah [without attachment] Sah [s/he] Vishishyate [excels]

{on the other hand, if one engages in Karm Yoga with mind and active work organs, she is special and she excels}


Niytam [prescribed or predecided] Kuru [do] Karma [actions in performance of duties] Tvam [you] Karma [actions] jyayah [better] hi [certainly] Akarmanah [inaction];

Sharira [body] Yatra [journey] Api [even] Cha [also] Te [your] Na [never] Prasiddhyet [something acceptatble because it is popularly agreed upon by all] Akarmanah [inaction].

{ Perfom your prescribed or predecidede duties for such actions are certainly better than inaction. Even for maintenance of physical body, "inaction" is not a popular choice}


Yajna-arthaat [Done for the sake of Yajna] Karmanah [actions] Anyatra [otherwise] Lokah [world] Ayam [this] Karm-Bandhnah [bondage by work];

Tat [For it] Artham [for the sake] Kaunteya [O son of Kunti] Mukt-sangh [liberated from the curse of association] Samachar [do dexterously and balanced].

{ O Arjuna - Do actions, dexterously and in balanced manned liberated from the curse of association, because all other actions are for bondage to this world}