Ritual of Actions

Episode 5

- We are looking at Karm Yoga. Gita chapter 3 is the very source of the idea. - Recap - Nyana Yogies and Karm Yogies - Mithyachari - False conduct oblivious to the very purpose of senses. - Qualities of a Karm Yogi - Asakta, Samachara, MuktSanga - Yazna - what is Yazna. Who conceived this idea. What is is all about.


Saha [along with] Yajnah [ritual of actions] Prajah [community of followers] Srishtva [having created] , Pura [previously anciently] Uvacha [I said] Praja-patih [to the care taker of community like a king who is supposed to serve the community on my behalf];

Anena [this way] Prasvisydhvam [ having attained more prosperity] Esah [ throgh this] Vah [s/he] Astu [stayed as] Ishta [ desired things] Kama-dhuk [ owner who enjoys his rein].


Devan [ demogods] Bhavyata [ having pleased] Anena [this way] , Te [ those] Devah [ demigods] Bhavyantu [ will please] Vah [ you];

Parasparam [ mutually] Bhavyantah [ pleased] Shreyah [ honour ] Param [ ultimate] Avapsyath [ you will achieve].


Ishtaan [ Desired] Bhogan [ necessities and indulgences] Hi [ certainly] Vo [ unto you] Devah [ demi gods] Dasyante [ will reward] Yajna-Bhavitah [ Satisfied with your titualistic approach to the tasks];

Taih [ by them] Dattan [ things so given] Apradaya [ without offering] Ebhayah [ to these demigods] , Yo [ one who] Bhukte [ enjoys the things] Stenah [ thief] Eva [ certainly] Sah [] .