In trigonometry and geometry, triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by forming triangles to the point from known points. {Wikipedia}

Let us try to find our position from the set of knowns. In fact we are search for the "truth" but truth is who we are ? The most importnat command in Unix world is whiami. If we want to understand "who we are" then we need to listen to our own noise. How my heart feels and how my mind reacts.


One of the common confusions among seekers is normally what path to take. There are so many different types of Yogas and each is heralded as the ultimate path. The truth, however, lies in where we are because the path is always relative to us.

As shown in the graphic above, one of the easy way to understand where we are is to think of the Chakras as the gates or stages with respect to the age.

The trick of Nature

As shown above, there is a path available at every stage of the life or in every Chakra based on our natural orientation at that age. The problem is as soon as we try to take the exit route, we are pushed to the next stage. For example, our focus is completely on self when we are born but as we hit the puberty, we want to be anything but self. We kinda hate ourselves and want to project us as the Cool or Hot . Later we discover that the best bet to success is "Be Yourself" but the ship has alreacy sailed. There is no way to be "ourselves" now that we are already something else. Again there is path available in our intense longing to mate. Kaam Sutra offers a way to bliss and ultimate realization. But before we mature our longing into a Yoga we are already looking for things that we don't have. Manipuraka is our quest for one missing thing. Be it food or status. We now crave for the missing piece. We don't appreciate what we already have. Our entire intelligence (or focus) is now on that little thing that we don't yet possess. Once we have that, we are seeking something else. Such is the nature of manifestation. A

Once we understand who we are, then only we can plot where we want to go. Yoga is nothing but this path. The internal evolution from what you are to what you want to be is thus Yoga. Karm Yoga goes a step further. It says that you should aspire to be someone who fully understand and comprehend the situation at hand ; and acts righteously without expectations. In a way, such person does what this universal machine wants him to do. Deliverance of such responsibility also entails our ability to fully understand ourselves , our emotional response and an innate ability to keep a check on our nature while we are in pursuit of the task or duty at hand. Thus Karm Yoga encompasses all the yogas. And that also means why Karm Yoga is most misunderstood concept.